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One of the types of services offered by the CRNA-NO is to support new arrivals in their professional integration. We also work with area employers to facilitate relationships with immigrant workers. 


The CRNA-NO, in collaboration with its partners, facilitates access to the labor market for immigrants.

Here are the employment assistance services offered by CRNA-NO in partnership with Work NB:


  • Employment Counseling and Guidance;  


  • job search assistance;


  • Creation of networking opportunities. 


To facilitate the access of newcomers to the Canadian labor market and to meet the requirements of local employers, the CRNA-NO works in close collaboration with companies on the following aspects:


  • Support for employers interested in hiring immigrants;


  • The promotion of cultural diversity and professional integration in the workplace;​


  • Support for businesses in their process of hiring, welcoming and settling newcomers.

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