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Activities in pictures

NWRCN organizes activities throughout the year allowing newcomers and members of the host community to bond and share.


Here are some of our activities:


Canoe Trip

This summer activity, well appreciated by the participants, allows them to explore the Rivière-Verte quietly while enjoying the landscape of our region. This summer day spent on the river introduced many people to canoeing or kayaking, a popular pastime in New Brunswick.


Family Picnic

The family picnic allows newcomers to discover one of Canada's traditions. This gathering, which is organized at the end of the summer, just before the start of the school year, allows us to share our fondest memories of summer by eating a good meal that usually includes corn on the cob from local harvests and ployes, a typical dish of the region.



Christmas shared meal

This activity organized during the holiday season allows us to come together to share the customs of the various cultures surrounding the holiday season. This meal allows you to discover Christmas traditions through culinary dishes from different countries. The festive atmosphere and the moments of sharing make this meal an unforgettable experience.



Outing to the sugar shack

This uniquely Canadian outing at the end of winter is always eagerly awaited by those with a sweet tooth. What better way to learn about Canadian life than to eat maple taffy and discover other products made with the sap of maple, the emblematic tree of Canada.

Come and discover our beautiful region and make new acquaintances.

Other activities will be organized throughout the year. To have more details and always be informed of what is to come, we invite you to consult our Facebook page as well as to check your emails (Subscribe to our mailing list).


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